Adler & Associates Entertainment is an innovative, powerhouse media company specializing in international and foreign content. Globally known as a true indie entertainment services company, with an emphasis on production, acquisitions, distribution and consulting around the world.


A&AE has become a major contender in the global market by utilizing its vast network of elite professionals and building long-lasting, premium relationships with industry leaders such as Fox, Sony, Starz, Anchor Bay, Netflix and all Amazon Prime divisions. By leveraging its “lean, mean and green” business model, A&AE is also one of the few companies throughout the media industry that still offer minimum guarantees.

Indie Filmmakers

The endless waves of innovation in digital technology have leveled the playing field in the film business in a way not seen since the earliest days of cinema. No longer do major studios and the few large independents have a monopoly on quality filmmaking. It now doesn’t matter if you’re a first time filmmaker or an A-list actor with your directorial debut, A&AE has an unbiased eye for fresh talent from around the globe. Don’t wait, contact us today at info@adlersproductions.com.