Adler & Associates Entertainment is an innovative, powerhouse media company specializing in international and foreign content. Globally known as a true indie entertainment services company, with an emphasis on production, acquisitions, distribution and consulting around the world.


A&AE has become a major contender in the global market by utilizing its vast network of elite professionals and building long-lasting, premium relationships with industry leaders such as Fox, Sony, Starz, Anchor Bay, Netflix and all Amazon Prime divisions. By leveraging its “lean, mean and green” business model, A&AE is also one of the few companies throughout the media industry that still offer minimum guarantees.


The endless waves of innovation in digital technology have leveled the playing field in the film business in a way not seen since the earliest days of cinema. No longer do major studios and the few large independents have a monopoly on quality filmmaking. It now doesn’t matter if you’re a first time filmmaker or an A-list actor with your directorial debut, A&AE has an unbiased eye for fresh talent from around the globe. Don’t wait, contact us today.


        Adler & Associates Entertainment is a full-service media company that creates, produces, consults, acquires, distributes and sells audio/visual content around the globe. We bridge the gap between artists, entertainers, filmmakers, bankers, investors, technologists, distributors and/or all major networks.


        Adler & Associates Entertainment distributes its clients’ films to all mediums. From television, home video and new media to airlines, cruise ships and hotels. Our distribution services include an extensive relationship with every major video-demand platform worldwide, including Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon Prime, Hoopla and Roku. Acting in collaboration with our international sales and licensing division, we map out a distribution strategy to maximize revenue, making sure your film is released first through venues and territories that will maximize revenue and drive further sales in ancillary mediums down the road.


        As some of the smartest and hardest working producers in the business, the A&AE Development team industriously oversees rewrites and the implementation of development notes, business plans, scheduling and budgeting, as well as laying the groundwork for the overall strategy and marketing of A&AE’s productions. Extensive knowledge of story, business, art and technology firmly position our team to take advantage of opportunities on the horizon and hurdle over the continuous challenges of putting together a first-class project.


        From script development through the final stages of post-production, our experienced production company team will work with you by integrating each phase of the process, making sure that your script, schedule and budget are compatible. We bring together the most creative artists and the most qualified technicians, making sure that all the elements of the production come together while planning and executing the complex daily process that is a film shoot. Our team will also help you navigate the intricate world of post-production and make sure that your film is finished on schedule and on budget, clearing the way for worldwide distribution of your production.

        Sales agents acquire a set of rights from you, create marketing materials, pitch and sell the rights to distributors, draft distribution agreements, deliver the physical and electronic materials of your film to the distributors, and collect and pay the revenue due to you. We will be your partner for years, helping to craft the commercial life of your film on the world stage.

        Whereas a “domestic sales agent” only works domestically, usually for a short term and often selling to only one distributor, A&AE is a partner whose time, money and talent is used to brand you to the marketplace in all countries of the world via all media — theatrical, video, VOD, TV and other ancillary media.

        Internationally we work as your films distributor and license it to buyers or territory distributors. They acquire the rights to exhibit your film within their country or several different countries.


        As a Sales Agency, A&AE works to sell your movie in all territories and platforms worldwide. We have built solid relationships with the finest film distributors and television broadcasters in Canada, the USA and throughout the rest of the world.

        We remain in constant contact with our buyers by attending or exhibiting at film and TV markets such as AFM, NATPE, Berlin Film Festival, MIP-TV, Cannes Film Festival, NATPE, TIFF (Toronto), TIFF (Tokyo), DIFF (Dubai) and MIPCOM.

        The explosion of tax incentives in recent years has revolutionized the global film scene, as nations, states, provinces and municipalities all compete against each other for their share of the booming market in international film and television production. The fact is that so many of these incentives are currently on the books that producers are now faced with a confusing landscape of rules and regulations. 

        With years of experience navigating this challenging terrain, the A&AE consulting team is able to help you make the right decisions about shooting locations, equipment rentals, local hires and compliance with the different laws, making sure that your production is able to make the most out of the available incentives.

        Cost overruns are crippling for independent films. The margin for error is small on a film set and A&AE’s consulting service will help your production to avoid scheduling and budgeting issues that can lead to catastrophic delays or even the termination of your shoot. Avoid the headaches and heartaches by letting us build a budget that works for your script and a shooting schedule that works for your budget.

        With years of combined experience in film, television and commercial casting, A&AE will help you make the right decisions about the casting process before the first actor even auditions, with guidance and planning help available for both union and non-union productions. A&AE’s casting consultants work with producers and casting directors to create a seamless workflow and ensure that the process is completed according to both contractual and budgetary needs, and done with plenty of time to spare for rehearsals and shooting.

        Promotion should begin with pre-production. Don’t wait until the morning after post to get serious about publicizing your movie – let A&AE’s team of marketing and public relations specialists help you design and execute a comprehensive plan for the promotion of your film.

        Our veteran PR experts deal with all the aspects of an exceptional marketing campaign, integrating new media, social media and traditional print media on both a national and international scale. A&AE’s staff will also help you plan for the creation of promotional materials, merchandising tie-ins and product placement agreements, building the groundwork for successful worldwide distribution of your production.

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