The Dark Return of Time

Synopsis: Flavian Bennett is trying to leave his troubled past behind when he goes to work in his father’s British bookshop in Paris. Soon after he arrives he witnesses a violent crime in which a mysterious customer, Reginald Hopper, may be implicated. Hopper involves Flavian in his search for The Dark Return of Time, a rare and strange book which he thinks will provide the key to unlock his past. Also involved is Candy Smith — a young woman who knew Hopper in his earlier life in England. She asks Flavian to help in her quest to expose Hopper as the villain she believes him to be. In this mystery thriller based on the book by R.B. Russell, the futures – and pasts – of these three characters collide in an explosive and shocking denouement.
Genre: Thriller
Starring: Eric Roberts, Mhairi Calvey, Adrian Paul
Language: English
Country: United Kingdom
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