The Whisperers

Synopsis: “The Whisperers” is movie with real people, living their dreams. It is the story of a young indigenous girl named Ellen-Sara Sparrok Larsen, the eldest child in a reindeer herding family, born to continue the one thousand year year tradition in Norway. Standing in the middle between progressive Norwegian society and the rich traditions of the Sør Sami reindeer herding culture, Ellen-Sara has the unique responsibility of being a girl with responsibility for carrying on her culture’s traditions. But teenagers act like teenagers across every culture, and Ellen-Sara faces a dilemma as the the modern world starts to become too tempting for her to stay away from.
Genre: Documentary, Drama, Teen
Director: David Kinsella
Starring: Ellen-Sara Sparrok Larsen, Jack Van Cleaf, Chief Blue Eagle, Maja Fjellstrom, Tor Enok Larsen, Ragnhild Sparrok Larsen
Language: English and South Sami
Country: Norway
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