In short, Adler & Associates Entertainment is a full-service media company that creates, produces, consults, acquires, distributes and sells audio/visual content around the globe. We bridge the gap between artists, entertainers, filmmakers, bankers, investors, technologists, distributors and/or all major networks.


Adler & Associates Entertainment distributes its clients’ films to all mediums. From television, home video and new media to airlines, cruise ships and hotels. Our distribution services include an extensive relationship with every major video-demand platform worldwide, including Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon Prime, Hoopla and Roku. Acting in collaboration with our international sales and licensing division, we map out a distribution strategy to maximize revenue, making sure your film is released first through venues and territories that will maximize revenue and drive further sales in ancillary mediums down the road.

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As a Sales Agency, A&AE works to sell your movie in all territories and platforms worldwide. We have built solid relationships with the finest film distributors and television broadcasters in Canada, the USA and throughout the rest of the world.

We remain in constant contact with our buyers by attending or exhibiting at film and TV markets such as AFM, NATPE, Berlin Film Festival, MIP-TV, Cannes Film Festival, NATPE, TIFF (Toronto), TIFF (Tokyo), DIFF (Dubai) and MIPCOM.

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Our Finance Division encompasses a broad array of talent with expertise in script, story and marketing strategy. Each project undergoes the proper due diligence, giving the finance team the ability to formulate an individualized plan to be packaged strategically for each film. We work side-by-side with the most prominent casting directors and distributors and we are in regular communication with state and municipal film commissions to keep us abreast of the applicable developments in tax incentives, credits and rebates.

Our experts are intimately familiar with trends in the worldwide film market and their knowledge of insurance and investing assures that our bonding is prepared meticulously. We have solid, established relationships with the top echelon in worldwide sales. These relationships, along with regular market attendance, allow us to have the most accurate earning projections possible. This is why we are able to maintain a broad network of investors who trust in our ability day in and day out.

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As some of the smartest and hardest working producers in the business, the A&AE Development team industriously oversees rewrites and the implementation of development notes, business plans, scheduling and budgeting, as well as laying the groundwork for the overall strategy and marketing of A&AE’s productions. Extensive knowledge of story, business, art and technology firmly position our team to take advantage of opportunities on the horizon and hurdle over the continuous challenges of putting together a first-class project.

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From script development through the final stages of post-production, our experienced production company team will work with you by integrating each phase of the process, making sure that your script, schedule and budget are compatible. We bring together the most creative artists and the most qualified technicians, making sure that all the elements of the production come together while planning and executing the complex daily process that is a film shoot. Our team will also help you navigate the intricate world of post-production and make sure that your film is finished on schedule and on budget, clearing the way for worldwide distribution of your production.

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The filmmaking process is a minefield of legal, financial and business problems waiting to happen. With production consulting from A&AE, our expert team will work with you to identify and mitigate potential hazards and make sure that your production can take advantage of exciting new financing and tax incentive opportunities, both in the United States and abroad. Our areas of expertise include (click to open):

Tax Incentives
Budgeting and Scheduling
Marketing and PR

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As a nationally recognized speaker, A&AE CEO Marie Adler has assembled a team of experts to provide top-notch seminars, workshops and classes on all areas of the entertainment business. Our speakers and teachers are dynamic, entertaining and motivational, with an outstanding ability to inform and inspire audiences and to teach them the techniques and habits needed to become successful in today’s market and economy. Topics include, among others: distribution, marketing, sales, creative strategies for artists, acting, business for actors and artists, strategies for creating a successful first film, and the intersection of art and intellectual property.

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