A Reason to Fight


On the outside, Mark is a model student and a born leader. But on the inside he’s a coiled ball of rage, a man seething with hidden anger from having witnessed the murder of his mother when he was a child. He vents his fury by secretly engaging in clandestine fighting matches, where he has become the local champion. When his girlfriend Lisa finds out about his secret life he promises her that he will give up fighting. But Lisa is soon hospitalized with a rare heart condition and Mark discovers her only hope is an expensive operation that can only be performed overseas. Desperate to save her life, Mark has no choice but to break his word; with the promise of a half-million dollar prize, he volunteers to fight The Texan, a foreign champion so vicious that most of his opponents have died in the ring…

Genre: Action, Thriller
Director: Alessandro Baccini
Starring: Alessandro Baccini, Alessandra Angeli, Moreno Petroni, Martina Landini, Walter Nestola, Stefano Martinelli
Language: Italian
Country: Italy
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