My Talk with Florence


Two Persons. One Tape. One Interview. No Cuts. No tricks. This is “My Talk With Florence”, one of the most brutal and disturbing oral histories ever recorded. Born in Paris in 1949 to an upper-middle-class family, Florence Burnier-Bauer was raped by her grandfather at an early age, passed around in secret men’s circles, and then hushed up by electro-shocks in an insane asylum. Taking to a life of crime as an adult, Florence tried to find safe haven in an Austrian commune, only to become the sexual prisoner of one of Europe’s most celebrated counterculture icons. Interviewed one-on-one by director Paul Poet, Florence’s story is a gut-wrenchingly honest account of exploitation, resistance and, finally, liberation for one brave woman determined to stand up to her abusers.

Genre: Biography, Crime, Documentary
Director: Paul Poet
Starring: Florence Burnier-Bauer, Paul Poet
Language: German
Country: Austria
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